Welcome to the world of the Mossy Woods, a magical place full of curious critters


I Love You The Moss is a visual novel game currently in development.
Follow along for early beta releases, fun and shenanigans.

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Series 1: Mossy Cats

1,000 NFT cats created generatively from hand-drawn elements. There are all kinds of fabulous colourful Mossy Cats, but some are definitely rarer than others.

Each Mossy Cat NFT comes with an individual code that makes it a playable character within the game. Some of the attributes of each Mossy Cat NFT will also create specific moments inside the game.

Purchase a Mossy Cat (Common) for 0.03 ETH
Purchase a Special Mossy Cat (Special) for 0.04 ETH
Purchase a Rare Mossy Cat (Rare) for 0.05 ETH

We are holding back 10 Mossy Cats from sale; 1 for each of the current I Love You The Moss dev team members, and 6 for prizes and giveaways